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Marlpool Junior School



The SENDCo in school is Miss Cooper.


At our school, all children are equally valued as individuals. We are an all-inclusive school that allows children to grow and develop so that they can flourish.

The school adapts its teaching styles to allow all children, including those with Special Educational Needs, to develop at their own rate. The teaching is under constant review to ensure children are reaching their full potential in a safe and caring environment. As a staff group, we are committed to meeting children’s individual needs during each part of the school day.

There is an expectation that all children at Marlpool Junior School  will achieve their full potential in their academic journey, regardless of any learning difficulties that they may have. Children may benefit from extra provision. This may involve children working individually or as a group within the classroom with adult support and/or extra provision that will be undertaken at a convenient time during the day.

As a school, we believe that working closely with parents is key to their child’s progress and development. Parents are welcome to come and discuss any concerns they have with the class teacher and the SENCO. 

Please find the school policy for SEN here.

Our SEN Information report is found here.

Derbyshire County Council's `Local Offer’ can be found at

Click here to find out how the SEN register works