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Marlpool Junior School


Hello and welcome to

Class Buxton!


 Our teacher is Mrs Lacey. 


Our class is named after the lovely spa town of Buxton in Derbyshire. Buxton is famous for its fresh drinking water and baths.  It is a very pretty place with lots to do. Our tables are named after some of its most popular tourist attractions: St Ann's Well, Poole's Cavern and Solomon's Temple. We will be discovering more about our class name throughout the year and in the first week back will be completing some art work based on its landscape.  




Our class loves riddles and we often challenge each other with some very tricky ones! Can you figure this one out?

A mother has four sons. North, South and East are the older three. What is the youngest son’s name?



This half-term we will be looking at Inspiration People. We will be looking at determined people who persevered and followed our class motto – ‘Never Give Up’. Hopefully, these people and some closer to home will help inspire us to ‘never give up’ on our work this year! We will be looking at lots of different people, including the suffragettes, Dr. Martin Luther King, sportsmen and women as well as more local heroes.

 Over the holidays, children were asked to complete a worksheet about who their current inspirational person is. I am really looking forward to reading them this week and asking the children to share these in class to spread the inspiration!

Handwriting Pens



ALL children will start this year writing in pencil and there will be a focus in class on handwriting practice until Christmas. Handwriting in upper school should contain accurately formed and appropriately joined letters. Sizing and spaces should be consistent and children must show they can write fluently. This needs to be consistent in all pieces of work in order to gain a pen licence.