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Hello and welcome to

Class Buxton!


We are a Year 5 Class; our teacher is Mrs Lacey and our teaching assistant is Mrs Bonser.


Our class is named after the beautiful town of Buxton, which is famous for its cool, refreshing water. We have already discovered that Buxton has some famous sites (these are our table names too): Solomon's Temple, Poole's Cavern and St. Ann's Spring.

We will be learning more about our namesake throughout this year! 

 Last half-term, we did an AMAZING sponsored swim and raised a lot of money. We aimed to raise enough money to adopt an endangered wild animal through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). After our class vote, it was decided that Buxton would be adopting a ...


Last half-term, we did some amazing work on our topic of India. We looked at its culture, history, traditions, art and geography. We looked at different artists and tried new and different artistic techniques to create some amazing art pieces! As a class, we created a mosaic effect display of the Taj Mahal with each member of our class creating a tile to join together to build a large image of the historic mausoleum.





We also made a fabulous 'blanket' about ourselves in PSHE with Mrs Reeves.  

This half-term, we will be learning all about the Vikings: where they came from, why they came to Great Britain, what they looked like, what traditions they had - everything! We will be opening our Viking Museum towards the end of this half-term so you can come and find out all about them too!   

 We are working really hard on becoming independent learners and

completing homework on time is helping us achieve this! 

Tuesday - Friday: Maths Homework 1

Friday - Monday: Maths Homework 2

Times tables revision (1-12) should be on-going outside of school to support maths learning in lessons.

Spellings continue to be given out as usual each Friday, but only tested once a fortnight. This means children have to learn 20 spellings over 2 weeks. This is to ensure that they are not only learning their spellings, but are also learning to retain and use them from memory.